Collaborative Projects available for 2020 entry

Collaborative projects involve co-supervision and/or co-funding with an external partner, where the partner is not eligible to be a CASE partner (e.g. NERC centres and Independent research organisations).

Collaborative Studentships BEEP Stream

1. What the finder knew: measuring changing public knowledge of natural history

Supervisors: Andy Gosler (Zoology) and Rob Robinson, British Trust for Ornithology

2. Nutritional value of floral pollen to bee species

Supervisors: Geraldine Wright (Zoology) & Phil Stevenson (Kew)

3. Improving our understanding of plant diversity to better protect it

Supervisors: Richard Grenyer (Geography) & Sidonie Bellot (Kew)

4. Development, environmental change, and dispersal abilities in living and extinct mammals

Supervisors: Erin Saupe and Anjali Goswami (NHM London)

5. Seasonal shifts in phytoplankton community structure in the Southern Ocean observed from space

Supervisors: Heather Bouman & Adrian Martin, Stephani Henson (NOC) and Mark Moore (Southampton)

6. Nitrogen limitation in the Earth System: merging top-down and bottom-up approaches to modelling land surface processes

Supervisors: Elizabeth Jeffers (Zoology), Chris Huntingford (CEH) and Anna Harper (Dept Mathematics, University of Exeter)

7. Insects, Agriculture and Environmental Change

Supervisor: Owen Lewis (Zoology), collaborative partner is the John Oldacre Foundation

Collaborative Studentships BEEP & PCS Stream

8. Measuring the impacts of ozone on plant health from ecosystem to biome scales

Supervisors: Elizabeth Jeffers (Zoology), Brian Kerridge & Hugh Mortimer (RAL Space) and Garry Hayman (CEH)

Collaborative Studentships PCS Stream

9. Paramaterization of submesoscale eddies in the ocean surface boundary layer

Supervisors: David Marshall (Physics) and George Nurser (NOC)

10. Studying weather and climate predictability with crowd computing

Supervisors: Tim Palmer, Antje Weisheimer (Physics) & Peter Dueben (ECMWF)

11. Observing the Origins of Tropical Cyclones

Supervisors: Anu Dudhia (Physics) & Tony McNally (ECMWF)

12. Satellite Observations of Air Quality

Supervisors Anu Dudhia (Physics) & Brian Kerridge (RAL Space)

13. Improving probabilistic weather and climate forecasts using observational constraints

Supervisors: Hannah Christensen (Physics) & Magdalena Balmaseda (ECMWF)

Collaborative Studentships DESPNH Stream

14. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of trace metal interactions with mineral surfaces in natural systems: an integrated stable isotope, XAS and HRTEM study.

Supervisors: Don Porcelli, Imad Ahmed (Earth Sciences) & Fred Mosselmans (Diamond Light Source)

15. Reconstructing the past eruption history of Campi Flegrei, Italy

Supervisors: Victoria Smith (RLAHA) and Roberto Isaia, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

16. The impacts of climate variability and change on groundwater resources in the UK

Supervisors: Jim Hall (Environmental Change Institute) & Matt Ascot (BGS)

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