Studying weather and climate predictability with crowd computing

The project seeks to probe the chaotic phase space of weather and climate models and to improve the efficiency of weather and climate simulations.

In this project we will use the newly developed infrastructure of openIFS@home to enable tens of thousands of simulations on private computers to improve our understanding of the predictability of weather and climate. OpenIFS is based on the weather forecast model of the world-leading numerical weather prediction producing centre ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, based in Reading, UK).  If successful, this project has the potential to make weather and climate simulations more affordable in terms of running costs and provide a better representation of uncertainties in weather forecasts. This will help to improve predictions of weather and climate models in the future.

Methods to be used

Numerical simulations and data analysis

Specialist skills required

good mathematical knowledge and basic programming skills

If interested in this project please contact

Tim Palmer Antje Weisheimer