CASE and Collaborative Projects available for 2018 & 2019 entry

CASE and Collaborative Projects available for 2018 & 2019 entry

CASE projects involve an internship with an industry partner and additional financial support for the student. Collaborative projects involve co-supervision with an external partner but not necessarily a financial component. NERC funded organisations and Independent research organisations are no longer able to be CASE partners under new NERC rules and so collaborative relationships are the mechanism by which students can develop projects with them.

Students applying to start in 2019 can specify one of the following projects on their application form and will be considered for entry direct to that project.  The projects are listed according to the department of the lead Oxford supervisor.

Department of Zoology

CASE Studentships (BEEP stream)

Title: Determining the effectiveness of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change

Supervisors: Nathalie Seddon (Zoology), Dilys Roe, IIED

Title: Improving environmental, social and economic outcomes of nationally significant infrastructure projects

Title: Can humanity have its cake and eat it too? Extending the Mitigation Hierarchy to support implementation of international biodiversity targets in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals

Supervisors: EJ Milner Gulland (Zoology) & Julia Baker Balfour Beatty 

Title: Native and invasive ladybirds in a changing UK climate

Supervisors: Jen Perry (Zoology) and Helen Roy (CEH) (CASE partner Royal Horticultural Society)

Title: Movement analysis of zooplankton through filming

Supervisors: Mike Bonsall & Ulrike Obertegger (FEM)

Collaborative Studentship (BEEP Stream)

Title: What the finder knew: measuring changing public knowledge of natural history

Supervisors: Andy Gosler (Zoology) and Rob Robinson, British Trust for Ornithology

Title: Nutritional value of floral pollen to bee species

Supervisors: Geraldine Wright & Phil Stevenson (Kew)

Department of Plant Sciences

CASE Studentships (BEEP Stream)

Title: Cavity Nesting Bees in Wytham Woods

Supervisors: Tonya Lander (Plant Sciences) and CASE Partner The Friends of Wytham Woods

Title: Bayesian models for the analysis of botanical citizen science data: Understanding bias and improving inference

Supervisors: Stephen Harris (Plant Sciences), Oliver Pescott (CEH) (CASE Partner The  Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland)

Title: Testing the role of tree diversity in the restoration of functioning tropical forest using a long-term experiment and drone-based remote sensing.

Supervisors: Andy Hector (Plant Sciences) and Irina Fedorenko, Biocarbon Engineering

School of Geography & the Environment

Collaborative Studentship (BEEP Stream)

Title: Improving our understanding of plant diversity to better protect it

Supervisors: Richard Grenyer & Sidonie Bellot (Kew)

Department of Physics

CASE Studentships (PCS Stream)

Title: Global measurements of Sea Surface Temperature using the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer

Supervisors: Anu Dudhia (Physics) and Roger Saunders Met Office Satellite Applications Group

Title: Mechanisms for variability of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in laboratory and numerical models

Supervisors: Peter Read (Physics), Alfonso Castrejon-Pita (Engineering Science) Scott Osprey (Physics and NCAS), Neal Butchart and Ben Shipway Met Office

Collaborative Studentships (PCS Stream)

Title: Quantifying the role of AMOC decline in climate change impacts

Supervisors: Tim Woollings and Jeff Knight (Met Office)

(This studentship is for a 2019 start and has the potential to be converted to CASE)

Title: Paramaterization of submesoscale eddies in the ocean surface boundary layer

Supervisors: David Marshall and George Nurser (NOC)

Title: Studying weather and climate predictability with crowd computing

Supervisors: Tim Palmer, Antje Weisheimer & Peter Dueben (ECMWF)

Title: Observing the Origins of Tropical Cyclones

Supervisors: Anu Dudhia & Tony McNally (ECMWF)

Title: Satellite Observations of Air Quality

Supervisors Anu Dudhia & Brian Kerridge (RAL Space)

Title: Improving probabilistic weather and climate forecasts using observational constraints

Supervisors: Hannah Christensen & Magdalena Balmaseda (ECMWF)

Department of Earth Sciences

CASE Studentships (DESPNH Stream)

Title: The fate of mercury (Hg) during thermal maturation of sediments and its implications for interpreting the geological record

Supervisors: Tamsin Mather, Hugh Jenkyns and Sander Van Den Boorn (Shell)

Title: Copper/Cobalt strata-bound systems; A Basin Analysis approach to the tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Central African Katangan basin of Zambia and its strata-bound copper deposits.

Supervisors: Mike Daly and James Mwale (FQML)

Title: The dynamics of flowing, subsurface salt sheets: observational constraints and theoretical models.

Supervisors: Richard Katz & Joe Cartwright, and Dan Roberts of CASE partner Rockfield

Collaborative Studentships (DESPNH Stream)

Title: Development, environmental change, and dispersal abilities in living and extinct mammals

Supervisors: Erin Saupe and Anjali Goswami (NHM London)

Title: Understanding the molecular mechanisms of trace metal interactions with mineral surfaces in natural systems: an integrated stable isotope, XAS and HRTEM study.

Supervisors: Don Porcelli, Imad Ahmed & Fred Mosselmans (Diamond Light Source)

Title: Seasonal shifts in phytoplankton community structure in the Southern Ocean observed from space

Supervisors: Heather Bouman & Adrian Martin, Stephani Henson (NOC) and Mark Moore (Southampton)

Mathematical Institute

CASE Studentship (DESPNH Stream)

Title: Understanding the resilience of nature-based flood risk reduction measures

Supervisors: Ian Hewitt, Rob Lamb (JBA Trust) and Barry Hanking JBA Consulting

Research Lab of Archaeology and the History of Art (RLAHA)

Collaborative Studentship (DESPNH Stream)

Title: Reconstructing the past eruption history of Campi Flegrei, Italy

Supervisors: Victoria Smith (RLAHA) and Roberto Isaia, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia


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