CASE Projects available for students starting in 2020

CASE Projects available for students starting in 2020

CASE projects (formerly known as ‘Cooperative Awards in the Science and Engineering)  are research projects that involve close research collaboration between academic and non-academic partner organisations, who may be from the private, public or civil society sectors. CASE students will undertake the same core training as other DTP students, and will spend extended period(s) of time working with the research partner organisation.

The projects are listed according to stream.

CASE Studentships BEEP stream

1: Seabird Watch: testing out of the box image analysis methods and citizen science data for large-scale monitoring of seabirds.

Supervisors: Tom Hart (Zoology), Mark Jessop (University of Cork), John Arnould  (Deakin University) & Ellie Owen (RSPB)

2: Improving environmental, social and economic outcomes of nationally significant infrastructure projects

Supervisors: EJ Milner Gulland (Zoology) & Julia Baker Balfour Beatty

3: Can humanity have its cake and eat it too? Extending the Mitigation Hierarchy to support implementation of international biodiversity targets in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals

Supervisors: EJ Milner Gulland (Zoology) & Julia Baker Balfour Beatty 

4: Native and invasive ladybirds in a changing UK climate

Supervisors: Jen Perry (Zoology) and Helen Roy (CEH) (CASE partner Royal Horticultural Society)

5: Movement analysis of zooplankton through filming

Supervisors: Mike Bonsall (Zoology) & Ulrike Obertegger (FEM)

6: Bayesian models for the analysis of botanical citizen science data: Understanding bias and improving inference

Supervisors: Stephen Harris (Plant Sciences), Oliver Pescott (CEH) (CASE Partner The  Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland)

7: Integrating socio-economic impacts in marine resource management

Supervisors: Rob Salguero-Gomez (Zoology) and Katrina Davis (Zoology, also University of Exeter and University of Queensland, Australia), CASE partner DEFRA

8: Mechanisms and impacts and of host-parasite relationships

Supervisors: Rob Salguero-Gomez (Zoology), Chris Thoroughoudl (Oxford Botanic Gardens), Dr James Bullock (CEH) CASE Partner Royal Horticultural Society

9: Beyond the mean: using drones to understand spatial drivers of phenological responses

Supervisors: Ben Sheldon & Ella Cole (Zoology), Yadvinder Malhi (Geography) & Adrian Thomas at CASE partner Animal Dynamics.

10: Using marine UAVs to integrate seabird census with phenology

Supervisors: Tom Hart (Zoology) & Adrian Thomas at CASE partner Animal Dynamics

11. Compass rafting in a colonial seabird: the unknown role of social information

Supervisors: Tim Guilford (Zoology) & Adrian Thomas at CASE partner Animal Dynamics

12. Seismic information transfer in African Elephants

Supervisors: Beth Mortimer & Fritz Vollrath (Zoology) and Iain Douglas Hamilton at CASE partner Save the Elephants

CASE Studentships PCS Stream

13: Global measurements of Sea Surface Temperature using the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer

Supervisors: Anu Dudhia (Physics) and Roger Saunders Met Office Satellite Applications Group

14: Mechanisms for variability of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in laboratory and numerical models

Supervisors: Peter Read (Physics), Alfonso Castrejon-Pita (Engineering Science) Scott Osprey (Physics and NCAS), Neal Butchart and Ben Shipway Met Office

15. A unified approach to multi-scale modelling of wind farms and complex terrain

Supervisors: Takafumi Nishino (Engineering Science) and Tom Dunstan (Met Office)

16. Quantifying the role of AMOC decline in climate change impacts

Supervisors: Tim Woollings (Physics) & Jeff Knight (Met Office)

CASE Studentships DESPNH Stream

17: The fate of mercury (Hg) during thermal maturation of sediments and its implications for interpreting the geological record

Supervisors: Tamsin Mather, Hugh Jenkyns (Earth Sciences) and Sander Van Den Boorn (Shell)

18: The dynamics of flowing, subsurface salt sheets: observational constraints and theoretical models.

Supervisors: Richard Katz & Joe Cartwright, (Earth Sciences) and Dan Roberts of CASE partner Rockfield

19: Near-source effects on global wavefields: A forensic seismology study applied to nuclear monitoring

Supervisors: Tarje Nissen-Meyer, (Earth Sciences) & Stuart Nippress and David Bowers (AWE Blacknest)

CASE Studentships DESPNH/PCS Streams

20: Tracking ocean circulation in the Cretaceous ‘Chalk Sea’

Supervisors: Stuart Robinson (Earth Sciences) & Frans van Buchem at CASE partner Halliburton



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