Featured Supervisors and available topics

We would like to highlight the following supervisors to potential applicants and to current students who have not yet chosen a research topic.

Some of these supervisors have made noteworthy contributions to the training programme and have received great feedback from our current students but have not yet been matched with a DTP student for a full research project.  Others may be recent arrivals to Oxford, or younger academics who will be able to give more time and attention to a D.Phil student than some of the more established researchers.  We therefore recommend them to you for particular consideration when you are thinking about what project you might wish to undertake with the DTP.  They have been good enough to give some more specific examples of the types of projects you could carry out under their supervision.

Department of Earth Sciences

Samar Khatiwala

Toward a mechanistic understanding of glacial-interglacial cycles in atmospheric CO2

Quantifying ocean heat and anthropogenic carbon uptake

Constraining the Cycle of Natural and Anthropogenic Lead in the Ocean

Erin Saupe

As well as the CASE Studentship Erin has advertised on the CASE page, current project ideas with Erin include:

Does increased diversity cause increased predation pressure?

Are niches smaller when there are more species?  A quantitative investigation of niche partitioning over the Phanerozoic.

Disentangling the dynamics of diversification in deep time.

Department of Plant Sciences

Dmitry Filatov

Plankton Speciation and Adaptation in the Open Ocean

Department of Physics

Anu Dudhia

Anu has a CASE studentship advertised on the CASE page.  He also has the current project available,

Observing the Origins of Tropical Cyclones, collaborating with ECMWF.

Department of Geography

Imma Oliveras

Deciphering the role of drought and fire in tropical ecosystems

Improving fire emission estimates

Stability and resilience of tropical vegetation transitions