Employment Opportunity


The Oxford DTP in Environmental Research seeks an inspiring and dedicated teacher (or teachers) to deliver our 6-week course in mathematics and scientific computing for new DPhil students. Students in this course have a broad range of knowledge and experience of mathematics and/or programming, from GCSE mathematics only to Further Mathematics at A-level and some application in a bachelor’s degree. The course is therefore targeted at students with the lowest level of previous mathematics and programming training and will provide more experienced students with a useful review of the key concepts and techniques required for advanced research in the environmental sciences. The teacher needs to be sympathetic to the challenges students may face when learning mathematics and programming, use creative approaches to help students master the concepts and techniques, and cultivate a positive, engaging learning environment.

The course runs from 9AM to 5PM each day from 9th October to 17th November.  The teacher(s) will deliver about 4 hours of face-to-face teaching each day and will be supported by course demonstrators who will lead practical work. The DTP’s Course Director has developed the course syllabus, texts, problem sets and projects; however the teacher(s) will be expected to create a specific teaching plan according to this syllabus (a more detailed table is available upon request):  Essential Course Overview

Please send CVs and a letter of application explaining why you would be good for the role to victoria.forth@env-res.ox.ac.uk by Monday 31st July