Francesca Cagnacci

Research Interests

I conduct empirical and theoretical research in the field of Conservation Ecology of terrestrial ecosystems, with emphasis on ecological and evolutionary determinants of animal behavior, movement, and resource use.  In particular, I am interested into the effects of climate and global change (land transformation, human activities, management practices and conservation measures) on animal spatial distribution and organismal interactions, including host-parasite dynamics and disease emergence. PhD candidates may cover either of this topics, typically making use of empirical data obtained from biologging tools (e.g., individual animal tagging with biosensors), and environmental variables assessment e.g. via remote sensing, and spatial and statistical modelling and forecast. Data will be directly collected through fieldwork (e.g., in the Alps), or by interactions with the data-sharing networks I coordinate.

Personal Research Keywords

Movement Ecology, Conservation Biology, Mammals, Biologging, Wildlife diseases, Eurodeer