Félix Forest

Research Interests

Evolution is the fundamental biological process underlying the origin of biodiversity on Earth. Thus, the integration of evolutionary approaches in the study of biodiversity is central to conservation and sustainability science. I use a range of phylogenetic diversity metrics to explore plant biodiversity patterns and the biotic and abiotic processes responsible for these. Any DPhil project could include a range of topics in plant evolution including pollination evolution, biogeography, phylogenomics and comparative analyses. I work principally in biodiversity hotspots, with a particular focus on the rich flora of the Greater Cape Floristic Region of South Africa.

Qualifications and Experience


BSc, MSc, PhD, I have supervised or co-supervised 11 PhD and 12 MSc students based at Kew or in other institutions around the world. I have also supervised 4 sandwich course students and several interns.

Personal Research Keywords

Plant systematics, Biodiversity, Phylogenetic diversity, Phylogenomics, Evolution, Biogeography