Gideon Henderson

Research Interests

How does the Earth’s climate behave on timescales longer than humans have observed?  How does the ocean influence and respond to this behaviour?  What are the implications for future climate, and the future state of the ocean and carbon cycle?

My research uses geochemistry to answer these questions.  As a research group, we make novel measurements of ocean chemistry, and reconstruct past attributes of climate with chemical measurement of sediments, corals, and stalagmites.  We seek to understand process, and to improve predictability of aspects of the climate system which are important to society, including sea-level, monsoonal rainfall, ocean circulation and productivity, and permafrost.  We have a very well equipped lab, with mass spectrometers to measure isotopes and trace elements, and a large clean-lab suite.  We also have an active field programme on land (particularly in caves) and at sea on research cruises.  Projects can be developed in discussion with students, and presently include those using the U-series isotopes to assess rates of ocean processes, and the development and application of novel proxies in stalagmites to assess past continental climates.

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Personal Research Keywords

Geochemistry; past climates; climate processes; ocean chemistry; carbon cycle