Graham Benham

Research Interests

Carbon Capture and Storage is a technological method for removing anthropogenic CO2 emissions by trapping them either at power plants or industries, and pumping them several kilometres beneath the earth to be stored safely and securely in saline aquifers. In my group, we use tools from mathematical modelling to study the fluid dynamics of CO2 storage, with the overall aim of improving safety and efficiency. One particular focus is the role of geological heterogeneities (i.e. spatially varying properties of the porous media), which have a significant influence on the transport of CO2, and present many challenging mathematical and fluid dynamical challenges. I would be happy to discuss a potential research project on these or related environmental topics (depending on student interests). Such a project would most likely involve mathematical and numerical modelling, and potentially some simple small-scale laboratory experiments.

Qualifications and Experience

DPhil, MSci. I have supervised 4 Masters student projects. I have taught ~15 different undergraduate courses in Applied Maths/Physics, both in Oxbridge colleges and within departmental classes.

Personal Research Keywords

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Flow in porous media, Contaminant transport, Groundwater management