Imma Oliveras

Research Interests

Global change is rapidly causing shifts in ecosystems diversity, functioning and distribution, and vegetation transitions are especially sensitive to changes in temperature, rainfall, fire regimes and human activities. The DPhil student would join the Ecosystems lab, an interdisciplinary and dynamic research group that is conducting pioneer ecological research across tropical undisturbed and human-modified ecosystems, with a special focus on vegetation transitions such as tropical forest-savannas, or altitudinal treelines. The details of the DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student, but potential approaches could range from observational field work, manipulative experiments, remote sensing or environmental modeling and involve climate change, land use change and/or social sciences.

Personal Research Keywords

Ecosystems, tropical ecology, global change, fire, drought, remote sensing

Contact Details

Environmental Change Institute, 
School of Geography and the Environment, 
University of Oxford
South Parks Road,