James McCullagh

Research Interests

A strong research theme in the McCullagh Group is understanding chemical relationships between biomolecules and their function in complex biological  and environmental systems with particular focus on biomarkers in modern and archaeological systems. We use state of the art analytical techniques to develop new methods and solve specific environmental problems.

Potential areas for D. Phil projects: Palaeodietary reconstruction using natural abundance isotope analysis and small molecule biomarkers in modern and archaeolocal materials . A growing area of interest is identifying xenobiotic dietary and environmental biomarkers in bones and teeth. We are also interested in the relationships between microbiota and the environment via analysis of metabolic products.

Research Methodologies/techniques: State of the art mass spectrometry, separation sciences, analytical and bioanalytical chemistry.

Personal Research Keywords

biomarkers, mass spectrometry, isotopes, metabolism, palaeodiet, archaeology