Jose Lourenco

Research Interests

Vector-borne pathogens are increasingly detrimental for both human and animal health. Factors facilitating their spread and increased epidemic activity range from environmental (e.g. climate change) to demographic (e.g. urbanisation, global movement). My group dedicates much of its research effort into such pathogens, with key examples being the dengue, Zika, chikungunya and West-nile viruses, as well as Malaria. Our main approach is dynamic modelling, with which we aim to unravel the possible unobserved mechanisms of observed data signatures at multiple biological levels (e.g. genetic, transmission, ecological). Any project would likely involve modelling, but could also include other computational biology approaches, such as machine learning, network theory or phylogenetics. Potential pathogens of study and overarching questions are up for discussion.

Qualifications and Experience
  • BA in Software Engineering
  • DPhil in Zoology (infectious diseases) from Oxford
  • Post-graduation in Public Health from Oxford Brookes

Jose Lourenco is eligible to be a co-supervisor

Personal Research Keywords

Disease, transmission, modelling, evolution, control, pathogen