Lucy Woodall

Research Interests

The ocean is huge and experiences a complex array of processes and stressors. Very little is known about marine ecosystems, especially those beyond SCUBA depth despite their vital importance to humanity through a variety of essential functions and services. My group ( seeks to document and understand the patterns of marine life, and explore the impacts of human activities on these patterns. Working primarily in the Indian Ocean region the multi-disciplinary team works with local stakeholders to provide new information that can be used to help better manage and protect the ocean. I am particularly interested in species of conservation concern. The group would welcome students who are interested in research within marine conservation and marine ecology, and exact project would be detailed after discussion.

Professional qualifications and teaching/supervisor experience:

PhD in Marine Conservation Genetics- University of London

Enhanced Teaching Programme - University of Oxford accredited by SEDA

Supervised 2 MSc and 3 PhD students

Personal Research Keywords

Marine ecology, conservation biology, biodiversity, policy interactions, human impacts