Luet Lok Wong

Research Interests

Contamination of soil and the aquatic environment by recalcitrant chemicals as well as pesticides and herbicides continue to be a significant environmental concern. Such contaminants are persistent because of their chemical inertness, requiring activation to more reactive derivatives which can then be degraded by more “normal” cellular pathways. The student will be part of a research group that is applying an expanding a library of cytochrome P450 enzyme variants for C–H bond oxidation of a wide range of organic compounds. The details will be determined by discussion with the student but the project will involve enzyme engineering, medium throughput screening for oxidation of target contaminants by the variant library, analytical methods such as GC and LC-MS, product characterisation by chemical methods, whole-cell degradation studies and if good progress is made, introduction of the evolved P450 enzyme into organisms that degrade the initial product to safe molecules. There will be opportunities to collaborate with groups in the Department of Engineering at Oxford and OSCAR in Suzhou, China.

Personal Research Keywords

bioremediation, biotransformation, P450 enzymes, C–H activation, protein engineering, directed evolution

Contact Details

Department of Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, 
South Parks Road,