Marc Macias-Fauria

Research Interests

Arctic and alpine regions are extremely sensitive to changes in climate: abiotic (i.e. physical) processes are especially important in shaping the biotic responses to changes in climate in these regions. An understanding of the mechanisms driving these changes in highly needed, more especially so due to the large influence that changes in these regions have globally. The student will be part of a young research group focusing on the interface between physical and biotic processes (biogeosciences) in cold ecosystems of the world. Any DPhil project will most likely entail a strong interdisciplinary (biology, physics, geology, geomorphology) and process-based approach, the use of mathematical modelling and/or statistics, and fieldwork in cold regions, mainly the alpine regions and the Arctic.

Our group is also interested in macroecological and biogeographical research. Please visit the external webpage or contact me for further information.

Personal Research Keywords

biogeosciences, cold environments, long-term ecology, quantitative ecology, macroecology, biogeography