Marian Dawkins

Research Interests

Livestock farmers are globally facing a number of pressures that appear to be in conflict: to be more efficient but to improve animal welfare, to improve animal health but to reduce antibiotic use, to produce more food but to do so with less space and less impact on the environment.  The student would be part of a long term project that has the aim of finding solutions to these potential conflicts in a variety of ways including the assessing of monitoring equipment,  data mining of the data gathered and  modelling of welfare and disease outcomes. There would be particulalr opportunities for developing and deploying technology to find solutions that are economically viable, protect the environment and are acceptable to both farmers and consumers.


Experience & Qualifications

BA Oxford Zoology, DPhil Oxford Zoology, DSc (Hon) Guelph Biology

Personal Research Keywords

Efficent farming, animal welfare, environmental impact, food production