Michael Cassidy

Research Interests

Understanding why volcanoes erupt explosively or effusively is still one of the most critical, outstanding questions in volcanology. The student will be part of a collaborative research group that is analysing igneous minerals and conducting new experiments to replicate conditions and processes occurring within the magma reservoir before explosive and effusive silicic eruptions. The details of any DPhil project will be discussed with the student, but are likely to include fieldwork, analytical and experimental petrology with the potential to combine their findings to volcano monitoring data to improve our forecasting of volcanic behaviour. Potential volcanic field areas include, Indonesia, Mexico, Iceland, Chile and the Caribbean.

Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons - Bristol), MSc (Lancaster) PhD (Southampton)

8 years as a researcher in Southampton, Cambridge, Plymouth, Mainz and Oxford

Personal Research Keywords

Volcanology, Experimental petrology, Analytical petrology, Explosive eruptions, Volcano monitoring, Tephrochronology