Moritz Kraemer

Research Interests

The emergence of novel infectious diseases are driven by demographic and environmental changes. My group investigates these drivers using large scale climatic, human movement and genomic data with the aim to better predict the distributions of emerging viruses. Among these the main focus is on vector borne diseases such as zika, dengue and chikungunya. Our work is done in close collaboration with public health governments, non-governmental institutions and leading academic departments around the world. The details of any DPhil project should be defined by both, the student and the group but will involve computational modelling, data visualisation and science communication. Field sites where part of the work is conducted include Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, among many others.

Moritz has a D.Phil in Epidemiology from the University of Oxford.  He has has supervised graduate projects at Harvard and is eligible to be a co-supervisor on the DTP.


Experience & Qualifications

DPhil in Epidemiology

Broad experience in interdisciplinary research working on the integration of genomic, epidemiological and spatial data to understand the drivers of disease transmission across scales.


Personal Research Keywords