Myles Allen

Research Interests

We work on the problem of anthropogenic climate change, both what it is doing to us, and what, if anything, we can do about it. On what climate change is doing to us, our work focusses on how climate change interacts with extreme weather. We use the very large ensemble modelling experiments made possible by the Oxford-led project to begin to quantify how external influences on climate are affecting the risk of observed potentially harmful weather events. On what we can do about climate change, we are interested in how uncertainties in the physical climate system’s response to rising greenhouse gases compare and interact with other uncertainties in the problem, including the carbon cycle and the impact of different climate policies. Students should expect a substantial role for computer simulation and statistical interrogation of large datasets in their research, and projects often involve external partners such as the Met Office or the insurance industry.  We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects, linking meteorological with hydrological or ecological modelling, for example, that would likely involve joint supervision between the School of Geography and the Environment and Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, and potentially other departments including the Statistics or Economics, depending on the project.

Personal Research Keywords

climate change, extreme weather, uncertainty analysis, attribution, atmosphere