Oliver Pybus

Research Interests

Advances in genomics are revolutionising our understanding of the evolution and genetic diversity of viruses in natural populations, with consequences for both basic research (e.g. the discovery of new forms of life) and applied research (e.g. the control of emerging epidemics). The student will join an inter-disciplinary and internationally-focused group that studies viral evolution, ecology and genomics, with a strong focus on emerging epidemics, vector-borne viruses, zoonoses, and virus taxonomy. Recent research has investigated Zika, Ebola, influenza (avian, swine and human), dengue, rabies, and noro- viruses (among others) in East Asia, South America, Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa. Projects would be developed in discussion with the student and will likely involve computational analysis and could include lab work and field work. We maintain one long-term field site in the UK, and we undertake frequent field trips abroad (e.g. Brazil).


Experience & Qualifications

BSc Genetics Nottingham, MSc Biological Computation York, DPhil Evolutionary Biology Oxford

15 years as research group leader at Oxford

Personal Research Keywords

Phylogenetics, emerging epidemics, viruses, spatial ecology, genomics, molecular evolution