Patrick McSharry

Research Interests

Big data offers considerable opportunities for the social sciences. Access to an ever increasing amount of information about the environment and the impacts of our activities, will allow us to deploy quantitative techniques for monitoring and forecasting in order to support evidence-based decision-making and inform policymakers.   As the financial services sector attempts to come to grips with climate change and its associated challenges, there is a growing interest in developing approaches for measuring value, assessing risk and enabling long-term decisions that encourage sustainable finance. The DPhil student will be sufficiently multidisciplinary to understand the benefits of quantifying both the rewards and risks using transparent empirical approaches and communicating the outcomes and potential solutions to a diverse range of stakeholders.

Patrick McSharry is eligible to be a co-supervisor.

Personal Research Keywords

Big data; time series analysis; forecasting; decision-making; risk analysis; sustainable finance

Contact Details

School of Geography and the Environment 
University of Oxford  
South Parks Road