Peter D Olson

Research Interests

Our lab combines evolutionary, developmental and genomic studies on parasitic flatworms in order to understand the patterns and processes that underlie their unique biology. Students may be involved in a range of studies depending on their interests, including gene expression studies, functional genomic assays, phylogenetic analyses, advanced imaging (e.g. confocal, CT scanning) and/or bioinformatics. Overarching questions being addressed in the lab include the genetic basis for producing morphological diversity and the mechanism underlying tapeworm strobilation. We work with leading laboratories in the UK and abroad, provide a broad range of expertise for students to draw on.

Personal Research Keywords

Flatworms, Parasitology, Development, Evolution, Genomics, Phylogenetics

Contact Details

Department of Life Sciences, 
The Natural History Museum
709 Darwin Centre 1, 
Crowell Road, 
London SW7 5BD