Peter Holland

Research Interests

Organisms need to adapt as environments change, whether because of species movements, range expansions, resource availability, parasites, pathogens, or changing climate. Adaptation occurs through changes to DNA sequence of the genome. The student will be part of a research group using genome sequences to track down the elusive molecular changes that accompany ecological adaptation over evolutionary timescales. The details of any DPhil project will be worked out in discussion with the student, but is likely to include analysis of a large database of emerging genome sequences from Wytham Woods, which we and collaborators are obtaining as part a major project: Research methods will include computer analysis of multi-species genome-scale DNA sequences potentially coupled with field sampling if desired. 


Qualifications and Experience


MA PhD DSc FLS FMBA FRS, supervised 24 PhD students to completion 

Personal Research Keywords

Genome, DNA, ecology, evolution, arthropods, adaptation