Peter Read

Research Interests

From a physicist's perspective, the atmosphere, oceans and fluid interior of the Earth, or indeed of any planet, are special examples of rotating, stratified fluid systems in which motions are generated by the action of buoyancy and other forces and modified by background rotation, boundary topography etc. In our research programme we are seeking to understand some of the fundamental processes which underly the dynamics, predictability and global transport of heat, vorticity and other tracers within the atmosphere and oceans. We do this by studying a range of systems that include laboratory analogues of large-scale atmospheric or oceanic circulation systems, numerical simulation models of varying complexity and datasets of climatological measurements. The details of any DPhil project would be defined in consultation with the student, but would be likely to involve a focus on either a laboratory experimental programme (which may also include numerical and/or theoretical modeling) or computational modeling of idealized atmospheric or oceanic circulations and comparisons with observational data.


Personal Research Keywords

Baroclinic eddies; parameterization; climate models; fluid dynamical experiments; transport

Contact Details

Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics
Clarendon Laboratory
Parks Road