Richard Buggs

Research Interests

Anthropogenic global change is causing the spread of pests and pathogens to areas with evolutionarily naïve hosts, causing severe damage to natural ecosystems, agriculture and forestry. Our research group leverages and develops methods in evolutionary genomics to seek to combat these global problems. We work mainly on ash, birch and hazel trees, seeking genes for resistance to their emerging pathogens. We also conduct research on the evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication and hybridisation. Any project proposal in the area of evolutionary genomics of plants will be welcomed.


Qualifications and Experience

Richard has a DPhil (Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, 2005 and a BA (Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2000).  He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society and of the Higher Education Academy.  He is an experienced supervisor.

Personal Research Keywords

Tree health, Genomics, Forestry, Polyploidy, Hybridisation, Speciation