Stuart Wigby

Research Interests

Sexual selection can drive the rapid evolution of reproductive and life-history traits, and is responsible for some of Nature's most spectacular displays. However, sexual selection also generates conflicts: between rivals of the same sex, as well as between males and females. These conflicts can lead to the evolution of harmful traits that may reduce the fitness of rivals, mates and populations. The project will explore reproductive conflicts and their life-history consequences using insect systems, such as Drosophila or stalk-eyed flies, and employing techniques ranging from behavioural and nutritional ecology through to genetics, molecular biology and ‘omics. The project can be taken in different directions, e.g. investigating reproductive behaviour, physiology and proteins; ageing; pre- or post-copulatory sexual selection; social selection.

Personal Research Keywords

Evolution, Behavioural Ecology, Sexual selection, Life-history, Reproduction, Ageing

Contact Details

Department of Zoology
Zoology Research and Administration Building
11a Mansfield Road