Thomas Thornton

Research Interests

Thomas F. Thornton’s research interests are in human ecology, climate change adaptation, ecological knowledge systems, conservation and ecosystem stewardship practices, coastal forest and marine environments, landscape perception and dynamics, and the political ecology of energy and natural resource management among indigenous peoples and other groups in North America, the Pacific Rim, and the circumpolar North. He is especially interested in the development and dynamics of social-ecological systems in relation to environmental change. His recent projects include investigations of: the co-evolution of forage fish and indigenous peoples of the North Pacific, the development of sustainability philosophies and practices among Alaska Native and First Nation corporations; changes in climate, land use, livelihoods, and ethnic identity among indigenous groups in Alaska, Fennoscandia, and Siberia; ecosystem services and stewardship in coastal zones and forests of the North Pacific. He welcomes DPhil applications from students with interests in these and related areas.

Thomas Thornton is not accepting students in 2020.

Personal Research Keywords

 Adaptation; climate change; ecological and ethnographic methods; environmental perception and behaviour, human ecology; indigenous peoples and coastal environments of the North Pacific.