Hermione Beckett

Hermione Beckett

Pelagia (Teleostei: Acanthomorpha) as a non-analogue adaptive radiation

Academic Profile

My research interests lie broadly in comparative anatomy, phylogeny and evolutionary processes of various teleost groups using CT scanning and statistical methods. I hold a Master of Earth Sciences (2010-2014) from the University of Oxford where my masters project focussed on Lizardfishes (Aulopiformes) looking at their relationships and divergence times over the K-Pg boundary using CT data and ‘tip-dating’ analyses.

Current Research

My main focus in my DPhil will be looking at scombroids using morphological and molecular data from modern and fossil examples, to look at evolutionary processes and rates in adaptive radiations.


Conference Posters

Beckett, H. & Friedman, M. 2014. Relationships and divergence times in lizardfishes (Aulopiformes): new insights from computed tomography. (Woodward150 Symposium, NHM London)

Friedman, M., Beckett, H., Brazeau, M., Close, R., Giles, S. & Johanson, Z. 2013. Evolution of modern fish diversity. (Leverhulme Trust annual reception, London)

Conference Presentations

Friedman, M., Beckett, H., Close, R., Delbarre, D., & Johanson, Z. 2014. What Woodward did not see: bony fishes of the English Chalk  and London Clay revealed by CT scanning (Woodward150 Symposium, NHM London).

Close, R., Beckett, H., Johanson, Z., MacLeod, N., Wainwright, P. & Friedman, M. 2014. Getting inside the head of Cretaceous-Paleogene teleosts: new morphological and functional data from the exceptional fish faunas of the English Chalk and London Clay. (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting, Austin, TX, USA).

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Hermione Beckett

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