Rebecca Kearney

Rebecca Kearney

Understanding past rapid climate change through reducing chronological uncertainty

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Previous studies
For my undergraduate degree I studied Physical Geography BSc at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) graduating in 2012. During this time, my research interests in reconstructing and understanding environmental and climatic changes during the Quaternary grew.

I continued to further my study in an MSc in Quaternary Science at RHUL completed in 2013. I chose to specialise in stable isotopes, tephrochronology, micromorphology, pollen and Human evolution. My Master’s thesis focused on producing a high resolution isotopic record for the Lateglacial Interstadial from Star Carr, North Yorkshire.

Work Experience

I was employed as a Laboratory Research Assistant at RHUL 2013-2015. During this time, I was involved with the ERC funded POSTGLACIAL project undertaking palaeoclimatic reconstruction through sedimentology, stable isotopes, radiocarbon analysis, macrofossil identification, at the site of Star Carr, North Yorkshire.

Further experience in tephrochonology was gained while working on sedimentary samples from Australia.


The Philippa Holmes Memorial Prize 2012-2013 for achievement of the highest dissertation mark in the fields of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy.

Current Research

D.Phil research project


Candy, I., Farry, A., Darvill, C.M., Palmer, A., Blockley, S.P.E., Matthews, I.P., Deeprose, L., Farley, N., Kearney, R., Conneller, C., Taylor, B., Milner, N (2015) The evolution of Palaeolake Flixton and the environmental context of Star Carr: an oxygen and carbon isotope record of environmental change for the early Holocene. Proceedings of the Geologist Association, 126:1, 60-71

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Rebecca Kearney

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