Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Using tephra layers in lacustrine archives from southern South America to investigate past volcanic activity

Academic Profile

I undertook a Geography BSc (Hons) at Royal Holloway, University of London from 2010 – 2013. During this course, I developed an interest in Quaternary environments and was involved with extra-curricular work (e.g., research expedition to Mesolithic site, Star Carr, Yorkshire; 1-week internship at the Centre for Ice and Climate (CIC) in the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen).

I stayed at Royal Holloway for a Masters in Quaternary Science (MSc). During this course, my interest in geochronology grew. For my MSc thesis, I initiated a collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Tyler at the University of Adelaide and investigated cryptotephra in Lake Keilambete, Victoria, Australia. This work is now published.

Current Research

I am interested in geochemistry, chronology, volcanoes, and their hazards. My PhD research involves identifying visible volcanic ash (tephra) deposits in lacustrine (lake) records within southern South America, and uses glass-shard chemistry. This data can provide important information, such as: eruptive source, the size of the eruption, how frequently they erupt, and whether there are changes in the composition of the melt over time.

Specifically, I endeavour to: improve our understanding of the chemical compositions of tephra from past eruptions and how these may have changed through time; gain an improved understanding of how the magnitude and frequency of past volcanic eruptions have changed through time and what causal mechanisms may have influenced this; decipher whether there are any isochronous horizons for any visible tephra horizons both locally and distally to my chosen sites.

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  • Smith, R. E., Tyler, J. J., Reeves, J., Blockley, S. & Jacobsen, G. E. 2017. First Holocene cryptotephras in mainland Australia reported from sediments at Lake Keilambete, Victoria, Australia. Quaternary Geochronology. 40, 82-91,

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