Samuel Levin

Samuel Levin

The origin of the genome

Academic Profile

I completed my BA in Biological Sciences with first class honours at The University of Oxford in 2014. My undergraduate thesis focused on the co-evolution of cheating and resistance in the “social amoeba”, and led to a publication in The Journal of Evolutionary Biology. I have worked in a genetics lab at NYU and extensively in the Strassmann and Queller lab at Washington University, St. Louis.
Academic Awards/Scholarships:


Awarded a Clarendon Fund Graduate Scholarship
Awarded a Santander Graduate Award
Awarded a Hertford Graduate Scholarship

Awarded the Mary Somerville Prize for Academic Excellence at The University of Oxford

Beilby Exhibition for Academic Achievement at The University of Oxford

Current Research

I am broadly interested in social evolution, the formalization of the theory of natural selection, and philosophy of evolutionary theory. My current work aims to further flesh out our understanding of the major transitions in the history of life.


  • Levin, S. and Engel, S. (2016). A School of Our Own. The New Press.
  • Levin, S.R., et al. (2015) Concurrent co-evolution of intra-organismal cheaters and resisters. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 28(4), 756-765.

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Samuel Levin

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