Tom Carruthers

Tom Carruthers

The diversification of Ipomoea in the Chaco

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I am interested in the evolution, ecology and biogeography of plants over different spatial and temporal scales. I graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Biological Sciences in 2015.

Current Research

The evolution of plant diversity in the Neotropics. The Neotropics harbour particularly high levels of plant diversity which is unevenly distributed within and between different regions (biomes). These characteristics make the Neotropics an important location for studying spatial and temporal aspects of plant evolution. During my DPhil I will investigate two species rich radiations of Ipomoea. One is located predominantly in Paraguay in an ecologically heterogeneous region which incorporates the ParanĂ¡, Chaco and Cerrado biomes; whilst the other has a more widespread distribution throughout the Neotropics. Investigating these two radiations will provide insights into how the dynamics of plant evolution vary at different geographical and ecological scales, and also provide insights into the evolutionary dynamics characteristic of the understudied ParanĂ¡, Chaco and Cerrado biomes.


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Tom Carruthers

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