Allison Daley

Allison Daley

Museum of Natural History

Research Interests

Arthropoda has been the most diverse and abundant animal phylum since the early Cambrian period 530 million years ago, and understanding how arthropods became so successful is a question of great interest. The exceptional fossil record of the Cambrian Explosion allows us to examine early arthropod evolution, ecology, functional morphology, and systematics. The DPhil student will join an international group conducting interdisciplinary research that combines paleontological observation with phylogenetics, multivariate statistics, comparative decay experiments, and a wide variety of imaging techniques. DPhil projects will generally involve international museum visits, comparative studies on modern arthropods, and fieldwork in locations such as Australia, Canada, and throughout Europe. Details of any DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student, but could involve working on the evolution of exoskeleton moulting, taphonomy and preservation of arthropod fossils, specialist versus generalist predation, and ecological dynamics of the Cambrian Explosion.

This supervisor is not currently accepting D. Phil students.

Associated Research Streams

palaeontology, arthropoda, ecdysis, morphological innovation, anomalocaridids, animal ecosystems

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