Andy Hector

Andy Hector

Department of Plant Sciences

Research Interests

I am a community ecologist interested in biodiversity loss and its consequences for the stability and functioning of ecosystems and the provision of ecological services. I currently work mainly in grassland and forest ecosystems. I am scientific leader of the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment in Borneo where we examine the impact of enrichment planting on forest regeneration after logging. I am part of the new NERC thematic programme: Human-modified tropical forests, which includes the SAFE project that investigates the effects of forest fragmentation on biodiversity. On the grassland side I am part of the Nutrient Network, a global co-operative program to understand how nitrogen enrichment impacts biodiversity in grasslands and starting new research involving the Park Grass Experiment at Rothamstead. I also have a sideline in ecological statistical analysis. The research group is currently establishing an experimental garden in Wytham to work with annual plants and herbaceous plant communities. There is currently the potential to develop PhD projects in these research areas working with annuals, in grasslands or forests including the systems mentioned.

Associated Research Streams

biodiversity, ecosystem services, stability, global change, community ecology, tropical rain forest

Andy Hector

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