Claudio Sillero

Claudio Sillero

Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Zoology Department

Research Interests

Research in conservation biology seeks practical solutions to environmental problems, combining many disciplines. Endangered species of wildlife face particular problems which derive from heir rarity and the threats of habitat loss, diseases and human-wildlife conflicts. As part of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme I have led research on many aspects relevant to the conservation of this endangered canid, only found in the Afroalpine ecosystem of Ethiopia, including ecology, behaviour, epidemiology, genetics, and physiology, with strong empirical bases from our long-term monitoring programme. An important body of research informed our emergency vaccination campaigns to control rabies outbreaks in Ethiopian wolves, a fatal disease transmitted by domestic dogs. We seek to expand this area of research by focusing on the interface between dogs and wolves, and on the effectiveness of alternative interventions (managing dogs, vaccinating wolves, minimizing contact). The topics might include dog population ecology, disease prevalence, contact risks, human dimensions, and involve behavioural observations, spatial modelling, modelling population dynamics, survey questionnaires, serological studies. A second area concerns biological interactions within the Afroalpine ecosystem, and specifically the effect of changing land uses upon population of rodents, the dominant herbivores and the main prey of the Ethiopian wolf. The topics might include vegetation dynamics (as affected by fire and grazing), abundance and dynamics of rodent populations, involving intensive ecological surveys, socioecological studies, and possibly modelling to assess alternatives to the unsustainable use of natural resources, and the potential for habitat restoration.

Associated Research Streams

behavioural ecology, wildlife diseases, biological conservation, human-wildlife conflicts, spatial ecology

Claudio Sillero

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