Dmitry A. Filatov

Dmitry A. Filatov

Research Interests

How do new species form and how do they adapt to changing environment once they form? Why do certain parts of the genome, such as sex chromosomes, play a “special” role in speciation and how do such “special” parts of the genome evolve? These are the key questions that drive research in our lab and DPhil project related to one or several of these questions can be defined and developed in discussion with the student. The project will likely use evolutionary genetic approaches and involve computational modelling and analysis of large genomic datasets of plant species. Some of such datasets are already available and some will need to be generated as part of DPhil project, which may involve some field and wetlab work, though the bulk of the project will likely be computational.

Associated Research Streams

evolutionary genetics, speciation, adaptation, genetic diversity, genome evolution, sex chromosome evolution

Dmitry A. Filatov

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    Department of Plant Sciences
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