Friederike Otto

Friederike Otto

Environmental Change Institute

Research Interests

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, predominantly due to anthropogenic GHG emissions, but the implications for regional climates are less clear.  An increase in average temperatures will lead to an increase in the frequency or magnitude of some extreme events but a decrease of others. The chaotic nature of weather means that it is generally impossible to say, for any specific event, that it would not have occurred in the absence of human influence on climate. However, with pioneering work done by the team in Oxford and the UK Met Office it is now possible to say whether and to what extend anthropogenic GHG emissions altered the risk of specific extreme events. The student will be part of a research team that works with very large ensembles of climate model simulations with a broad range of possible DPhil projects, including for example, advanced statistical analysis, social scientific message testing and stakeholder engagement as well as advancing the understanding large scale atmospheric dynamics.

This supervisor is not currently accepting D.Phil students.

Associated Research Streams

extreme event, regional climate modelling, attribution, ensemble modelling, fraction of attributable risk, communication of climate change

Friederike Otto

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    Environmental Change Institute

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