Kayla King

Kayla King

Department of Zoology

Research Interests

Parasites are ubiquitous, and their antagonism can be severe and genotype-specific. Thus, host-parasite interactions provide a powerful empirical framework to elucidate the causes and consequences of intra- and interspecific evolutionary changes. Generally, the work in my lab focuses on the ecological and genetic aspects of rapid (co)evolution, with particular implications for community interactions, sex, and the maintenance of diversity. The details of any DPhil projects will be defined in discussion with the student, but are likely to entail a significant ecology and evolutionary focus to host-parasite interactions using experimental evolution, field collections, and/or genomic analysis.

Associated Research Streams

host-parasite interactions, coevolution, diversity, sexual reproduction, coinfection, rapid evolution

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Contact information

  • Email: kayla.king@zoo.ox.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 (0)1865 2 81 988
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    Department of Zoology
    Zoology Research and Administration Building
    11a Mansfield Road
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