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Laure Zanna

Research Interests

The Earth’s climate system is shaped by the presence of the ocean, which acts as a regulator of heat and carbon feeding the hydrological cycle. Our ability to understand the climate system and predict its fate relies on our understanding of the role of the ocean in climate. Our group tackles fundamental problems in climate dynamics including: the seasonal to decadal predictability of the ocean and climate; the transport and storage of heat and carbon under climate change; the feedbacks between the ocean, atmosphere, ice dictating future warming and atmospheric CO2 levels; the representation of turbulence in climate models; the atmospheric and oceanic processes controlling the pattern of regional sea level change.  The details of the research project will be designed in collaboration with the student and will likely involve some combination of theory, a hierarchy of numerical models and analysis of observations.

Associated Research Streams

climate change, predictability, ocean dynamics, uncertainty quantification, numerical modelling

Laure Zanna

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    Department of Atmospheric Physics
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