Nick Eyre

Nick Eyre

Environmental Change Institute

Research Interests

Energy systems will need to change in order to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and this has major implications for public policy. Most attention has been devoted to energy policy, but there is increasing recognition that policy in other systems, such food and water, is also potentially important for energy use and carbon emissions. The student will be part of a research group that is conducting policy relevant research on the use on energy, combining technical and social approaches, both in the UK and worldwide. The details of any DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student, but are likely to entail analysis of the interaction of aspects of energy systems with other natural systems, using inter-disciplinary methods. The scope of study could be at any level from a city to a nation or global; it might also involve comparative analysis across scales or locations.

This supervisor is not currently accepting D. Phil students.

Associated Research Streams

energy, climate mitigation, public policy, energy/food/water nexus

Nick Eyre

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