Peter Holland

Peter Holland

Department of Zoology

Research Interests

Evolution, genetics and ecology interact to shape biological diversity. With the ability to determine the DNA sequences of whole genomes we can now ask how genes and gene expression patterns relate to anatomy, physiology, species interactions, speciation and responses to environmental conditions. Our group is a major partner in the new Darwin Tree of Life project that will sequence the genomes of 2000 UK species, as a step on the path towards sequencing most species on earth. In this project, the student will analyse genome sequence data from hundreds of species collected in Wytham Woods near Oxford and be part of the first wave of research that will shape a new platform for 21st century biology.


Associated Research Streams

genomes, bioinformatics, insects, mammals, ecology, adaptation

Peter Holland

Contact information

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  • Telephone: +44 (0)1865 271185
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    Department of Zoology
    Zoology Research and Administration Building
    11a Mansfield Road
    OX1 3SZ

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