Rachel James

Rachel James

School of Geography and the Environment and St John’s College

Research Interests

African climate systems are critically understudied, whilst African societies are amongst the most vulnerable to climate change. There are still many open questions about how African climate systems function, and how they might change in future, as well as a large demand for scientific information to support climate change adaptation planning. At the Climate Research Lab in the School of Geography and the Environment, there is a growing group of researchers examining drivers of rainfall variability and change in southern, Central, and East Africa, with strong collaborations to African universities including University of Yaounde I and University of Cape Town. The student would join this team, and could define a project in discussion with supervisors, likely based on analysis of observational, satellite, and/or climate model data, with potential to combine this with field-based measurements including LIDAR (one is currently being deployed in Cameroon, for example). There is also potential for interdisciplinary projects with co-supervision in other labs, for example to investigate climate change impacts for ecosystems or water resources, or to develop science for policy applications.

Rachel James is eligible to be a co-supervisor

Associated Research Streams

african climate, climate change, climate models, model evaluation, climate policy, climate change adaptation

Rachel James A recent meeting to bring together African and UK scientists to evaluate the Met Office climate model over Africa. We have called for more climate model evaluation with an African lens (James et al. 2018, BAMS), and are now seeking to initiate a model evaluation “hub” for Africa.

Contact information

  • Email: Rachel.james@ouce.ox.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 (0)1865 280070
  • Webpage: View External Page
  • Address:
    School of Geography and the Environment
    South Parks Road, Oxford

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