Richard Washington

Richard Washington

School of Geography and Environment

Research Interests

Richard Washington leads research on the dynamics of African climate. Africa receive numerous signals from the global climate system which mix with local controls to make a complex blend of variability and change that is a great challenge for climate models to replicate. It is also a continent with a sparse observational network against which to evaluate models. At the same time Africa is predicted to be the continent hardest hit by climate change – making the improvement of models a vital task. To address this problem, Richard’s group works on the spectrum of climate needs in Africa ranging from observational programs like Fennec which featured the first observations of the central Sahara (derived from 200 hours of instrumented aircraft flights and ground-based instruments deployed in the remote desert) to the analysis of dynamics in coupled climate models. His group builds model components such as mineral aerosol emission schemes and is interested in the way the model data are applied for decision making.

This supervisor is not currently accepting students via the DTP.

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personal keywords: climate change, african climate, climate models, climate predictions, mineral aerosols, atmospheric circulation

Richard Washington

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