Rick Schulting

Rick Schulting

School of Archaeology

Research Interests

The main focus of my research involves the Mesolithic and Neolithic of Western Europe, from ca. 12,000 to 4000 BP. The distinction between these two periods relates to the appearance of agriculture, and I am interested in understanding the process by which this occurred, primarily through the application of stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of human remains to examine dietary shifts, and through radiocarbon dating to place events more precisely in time. I am also interested in the use of light stable isotopes, together with strontium isotopes, to examine past human mobility, and animal management practices. More recently, I have become involved with research projects applying some of these same approaches to study of the prehistory of southern Siberia and Japan.

Associated Research Streams

mesolithic, neolithic, hunter-gatherers, stable isotope analysis, palaeodiet, radiocarbon dating

Rick Schulting

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