Sam Giles

Sam Giles

Research Interests

Over half of the 60,000 living vertebrate species are ray-finned fishes, a scientifically and economically important group containing everything from goldfish to cod to seahorses, and with an evolutionary history stretching back nearly half a billion years. My group is broadly interested in the phylogeny and macroevolution of ray-finned fishes, and integrates the living and fossil records with a view to understanding how ray-finned fishes became so phenomenally successful. Specific topics are to be discussed with the D.Phil candidate, but could include the use of geometric techniques to understand the link between ecology and morphology, patterns of extinction and radiation during periods of environmental perturbation, and the early fossil record of teleosts, a group which itself contains over 99% of living ray-finned fish species.

Associated Research Streams

vertebrate palaeobiology, ct scanning, systematics, diversification, actinopterygians

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  • Telephone: +44 (0)1865272000
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    Department of Earth Sciences,
    South Parks Lane,
    Oxford, OX1 3AN

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