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Simon Dadson

School of Geography and Environment

Research Interests

Simon Dadson is an Associate Professor in Physical Geography and a Fellow of Christ Church. He is Academic Director of the Oxford MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management. Simon’s research focuses on the processes that link climate, hydrology, and geomorphology. These links range from the potential impacts of future climate change on river flows, to the study of how continental-scale weather patterns have influenced the development of mountain topography over the past few million years. Prior to arriving at the School of Geography and Environment, Simon was a Senior Environmental Modeller at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Wallingford where he remains a CEH Fellow. Simon is interested in hearing from prospective D.Phil students in hydrology, climate change and water resources.

Associated Research Streams

regional climate models, river flow,hydrological variability and change, water security, floodplain inundation, earth observation, ch4

Simon Dadson

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    School of Geography and the Environment 
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