Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson

Department of Earth Sciences

Research Interests

Our planet has witnessed a wide variety of climatic states over geological time, including periods of extreme global warmth, such as the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic. These time periods are particularly relevant to understanding a range of topics including biotic evolution, climate sensitivity, major environmental perturbations, and the deposition of hydrocarbon source rocks. Research in our group aims to quantify past climatic and environmental variables in order to understand the spatial and temporal relationships between climate change and the physical, chemical and biotic phenomena preserved in the geological record. We use materials from both marine and terrestrial environments, and both novel and traditional geological (e.g. fieldwork, sedimentology, stratigraphy), geochemical (e.g. stable isotopes, radiogenic isotopes and organic geochemistry) and palaeontological (e.g. microfossils, palaeobotany) techniques. Potential DPhil research topics are likely to incorporate some or all of the themes and methods discussed and could be on a wide variety of topics covering, for example, carbon cycling, ocean circulation, precipitation, or sea-surface temperature variability.

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palaeoclimates, palaeoenvironments, palaeoceanography, geochemistry, mesozoic, cenozoic

Stuart Robinson

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