Tim Woollings

Tim Woollings

Department of Physics

Research Interests

Weather and climate variability in the extratropics is dominated by variations in the atmospheric jet streams and associated storm tracks. In the UK, for example, jet stream variability has recently had wide ranging impacts from extreme cold (winter 2009/10) to serial storm damage (winter 2013/14). There is potential for studentships on a wide range of related topics, encompassing fundamental understanding of the atmospheric dynamics, working to improve jet simulation in climate models and investigating how features such as the jets respond to climate change. The work will likely include a mix of theoretical considerations, analysis of observational data and performing experiments with simple and/or complex climate models.


This supervisor is not currently accepting D.Phil students.

Associated Research Streams

jet streams, storm tracks, natural variability, climate change, computer models

Tim Woollings Tracks of individual storms during two very different periods, both featuring atmospheric blocking and jet stream shifts. 

Contact information

  • Email: woollings@atm.ox.ac.uk
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    Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics
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