Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

School of Archaeology

Research Interests

Distal volcanic ash layers are increasingly being used to provide chronology for sedimentary archives to investigate the timescales and propagation of climate change across the globe, further understand hominid migration, and constrain the tempo of volcanism for hazard assessments. The DPhil student will be working within an interdisciplinary group working on paleoenvironmental cores, archaeological sites, and volcanoes around the world. Projects can focus on the identification and characterisation of volcanic deposits to establish chronology (relative and absolute) for sedimentary archives, or chemical characterisation of the volcanic deposits to investigate magmatic processes. We have facilities to chemically characterise the volcanic deposits (electron microprobe) and a laboratory to identify non-visible ash layers (crypotephra). Potential field areas include Italy, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Japan.

Associated Research Streams

volcanic ash, chronology, geochemical analysis, explosive eruptions, palaeoenvironmental archives, magmatic processes

Victoria Smith

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