Advanced Training Programme

The DTP offers a range of advanced courses in Data analysis & modelling,  Research methods, and Science communication & outreach.  These courses are open to students and researchers across the university at no charge.  Students can sign up for them via the Researcher Training tool here where course descriptions and dates are also available. For DTP students the dates will also appear in the Weblearn schedule and these link directly to lesson pages.

Advanced Courses run primarily in Hilary and Trinity Terms, any running in Michaelmas are indicated below)

Many of these courses are listed in the DTP Handbook in the Student Information section however some of them are created in response to student requests during the year and may not feature there.

Advanced Methods

  • Atmospheric Physics (Philip Stier, Physics) not running in HT18 but back in HT19
  • General circulation of the Atmosphere (Tim Woollings, Physics) TT18
  • Ocean Circulation (David Marshall, Physics) TT18
  • Uncertainty in Weather Forecasts not running this year
  • Climate Dynamics (Laure Zanne, Physics) not running in HT18 but back in HT19
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (Andrew Wells, Physics) HT18
  • Radiocarbon Dating (Christopher Ramsey, Research Lab for Archaeology & History of Art) HT18
  • Comparative Phylogenetic Methods (Roger Benson, Department of Earth Sciences) HT18
  • Sedimentary Basins (Tony Watts, Department of Earth Sciences) not available this year
  • Aqueous Geochemistry (Nick Tosca, Department of Earth Sciences) MT17
  • Bioinformatics tbc

Advanced Statistics & Modelling

  • Introduction to R (Tom Hart, Zoology) not available this year
  • R for Biologists (Chris Terry & Rob Paton, DTP students, Zoology) HT18
  • Mixed Effects Models in R (Matteo Tanadini, Price Waterhouse Cooper) TT18
  • Smart Modelling Strategies (Matteo Tanadini) TT18

Communication & Public Outreach

  • Innovation and Impact: Managing Money, Projects and People (Kevin Parker KKI Associates & Anne Miller, MPLS Division) HT18
  • Satellite 101 Workshop (Simon Jackman, MPLS Division) MT17


  • Outdoor First Aid for Fieldworkers HT18